Monday, February 17, 2014

Work hard. Be Nice. Don't Holler at Anybody. How hard is this?

I just read a really thoughtful piece by Christina Trapolino, theoretically about the latest bad behavior, by David Marcus, the Paypal leader (who you would think would have learned from last years' PR melt-down). and the disappearance of internal communication in business. This is an important topic but I think a point buried in the lower paragraphs warrants a bit of thought:

"[the rise of] unchecked emotions from very visible corporate leaders, ... communications that should have been internal but did not stay that way"

At SJN Sales we have seen an upsurge in client and vendor interactions that reflect a lack of training in the business boundaries regarding emotional outbursts at work.
  • Work hard. 
  • Be nice. 
  • Don't holler at anybody. 
  • Leave the F word and your temper at home. 
Your colleagues at every level will respect you for it.

A belated thanks here,  to the fine people at the old-guard companies, IBM, Cerner, HP, AT&T, HCA, Pfizer, Roche, Glaxo, CISCO, Symantec, and others, that gave most SJN salespeople our training (including you George Tuning RIP). You were right: cleavage and cursing do not belong in business or church. Neither do loud emotional outbursts, name calling, crying, anything in a memo (now email) that you wouldn't post on a billboard, or firing anyone in public.

Happy President's Day from SJN Sales. And more sympathy to our snowbound colleagues and SJN Sales staff members. Weird winter weather is no fun during trade show season.

SJN Sales is growing fast enough that we need 3-5 new salespeople with extensive managed services, IT security, or professional services, industry experience, and a well developed sense of how to act at work. If you're interested in joining one of our teams, email me a note at or Google+ me. We pay everyone a salary and bonuses. Even interns but that's another post.

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